Sustainable Practices

The AZ4 GROUP believes that business and society must go hand in hand and that sustainable practices must permeate the essence of own business. Therefore, acts through environmental projects and actions that seek to reduce the environmental impacts and improve people’s lives. In commitment to the future, working in a sustainable way is essential to grow. Sustainable development practices in AZ4 GROUP get through efforts on two pillars: Social and environmental.

To be a company of desired products that exceed all standards of excellence in development, production and deployment of merchandise for the point of sale.

Develop, produce and market innovative products, high perceived value, world class quality and profitability, in order to create value for shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers and any interested party or involved for our activities, with respect to our values.

Ethics: integrity, honesty, transparency, and positive attitude in implementing internal policies and compliance with laws.

Respect for people: includes the quality of relationships, investing in people development, recognition for job performance and respect for the environment.

Innovation: Anticipation of trends and application of technologies in the management of people, processes, products and services, focusing on modernity, generating high competitiveness and gain market share.

Commitment: commitment to the goals and ways of working of the company, responsibility to control expenses and costs, and determination of results.


Development of social activities, considering the human valorization through the training of people, social inclusion, hiring of people with special needs, non discrimination policies, inclusion in the work environment, increase of the number of women in the production line, stimulus in the creation of opportunities in the company, partnerships with co-operatives of artisans with mental and physical disabilities, educational activities with children of employees, specific actions of donations, The Year’s Distinction Award, Educational Seminars to the employees.

Some of our Social Actions:

Partnership with our School – Hiring and qualification of employees with mental and physical disabilities

Educational activities with children of employees

The Year’s Distinction Award

Occasional campaign

Annual parties

Seminars to the Employees


Development of activities in order to guarantee the continuous of the environmental performance’s improvement, through best practices implemented and qualification for our employees, conscious consumption concept and the rational use of water and electric energy,  method for collecting, conservation and re-use of rainwater, method for reuse of raw materials to the final product (green display ) and allocation of waste in certified locations.

  • Replacement of PVC/ heavy metals by materials based on ideal characteristics such as PETG.
  • Purchase of wood certified (Sustainable) – FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).
  • Conscientious consumption: industrial park with natural lighting system, LED, and automatic system – motion sensor.
  • Collecting, conservation and re-use of rainwater.
  • Selective refuse collection and the Appropriate Destination.